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Topic: Your Wealth in Numbers
Date: April 25, 2013
Time: 3pm EST
[Rebroadcast 7pm EST]


Robert Pease is an internationally renowned Intuitive Numerologist, Transformational Life Coach, Psychic, motivational speaker and bestselling author in the field of spirituality and self-realization. A teacher of meditation, healing and life purpose that spans over 32 years of personal practice and education he has facilitated and coached internationally drawing audiences from all paths of life. After living and working in Japan, Italy, Germany and the U.S his practical life experiences are drawn from producing and designing off-Broadway theater, Kabuki, television and film fulfilling his passion for the Performing Arts. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in mystical research and philosophy.

Your Wealth in Numbers

Do you ever wonder why fulfilling your dream seems so difficult? Is there a way to become more consciously aware of how to plant seeds of intentions that will blossom into life purpose without beating yourself up in the process? Why do I attract certain people and things into my life? Spiritual Bootcamp offers an understanding of how you can become more than you have ever imagined yourself to be by developing clarity and focus about the required steps necessary to manifest what you want from the best and highest good. Learning to understand that if steps are missed along the way then the challenges become greater obstacles than opportunities. Each chapter offers tools and practical applications to improve personal awareness necessary in order to skillfully manifest what once seemed impossible. A compendium of knowledge and resources that will help you to understand why you attract the people and things into your life that you do and how each one is here to reflect what you are asking for in order to develop into a healthy, prospered and fulfilled human being. Get ready for your wake up call.

In this Call Dr. Robert Pease will teach you how Numerology can…

  • Explore life purpose and why you express the way you do
  • Move out of “lessons” and into “experiential”  living
  • Clarify where the blocks show up and why they repeat
  • Shift the parts of you that are believed to be “broken” into wholeness
  • Blast through belief systems that are blocking joyful expression
  • Understanding what your “blueprint” is nurturing in your life
  • Define what is not working in your life and why
  • Find happiness &  peace of mind in 9 simple ways
  • Push through the “wall of terror” that is keeping you stuck
  • Connect the dots you feel are scattering your adventure in life
  • Simplify your life
  • Create your ideal life by design
  • Allow yourself to have new transformational life experiences
  • Bring you to well beingness, learn to believe you can live stress free
  • Remove toxicity in your life, change the toxic environment, transform yourself inside a toxic environment
  • Alleviate the pain, struggle and ever increasing burden of responsibility
  • Step into your POWER by understanding your “Map of Manifestation”
  • Learn the secret healing of numbers for your life purpose
  • Grow healthy and empower your personal resources for joy

Stand Alone Activities the Caller Can Walk Away With

  • An exercise to figure out how to attract the perfect relationship, career, lifestyle by using my ten item list to understand what they attract and why.
  • Calculate their numbers to know what they are attracting in life and why.
  • Learn how to transform anything from pain into love with a simple meditation of “How big is your Love!”


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Robert Pease is a visionary numerologist, counselor, teacher who’s work will bless and empower you to be a much better you and live with more joy and freedom!”
Renée Morgan Brooks
Motivational Performer
Phoenix, AZ
You are such an inspiration to me thank you so much for persevering through the tough process of self-realization and continuing to do so.
Janet Moore
Dear Robert,
Wow! You are truly gifted. I have so much admiration for what you do. It seems far reaching that you could glean so much about a complicated human being with so little data.
Much appreciation,
With love,
Treesa Robinson
New York
Robert Pease has a way of seeing your reflection and mirroring it directly back to you. He is a catalyst for Spiritual Change. Do not enter unless you are committed to transforming your life.
Judith Manginiello – Owner of A Peace Of The Universe Bookstore, Scottsdale, AZ
Robert has an exceptional gift for seeing directly to one’s core which enables you to instantly acknowledge any patterns of imbalance you may be working on.
Jaena Moynihan,
Phoenix, AZ.
Robert Pease is an amazing intuitive numerologist with a delightful way of passing along the truths that I needed to hear with a combination of both humor and serious direction. He stands in the light and love of integrity and passed this on to me during our reading.
Ginger Savenelli
Scottsdale, AZ.
One of Robert’s greatest talents, I feel, is the ability to cut through the crap that you can generate and get to the real juice of what’s going on in your life.
Paige Sullivan, Artist

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